Wealth Management for Professional Athletes

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Professional athletes confront unique challenges in managing money.

Many fail. Nearly 16% of National Football League employees file for bankruptcy within twelve years of retiring, and almost 78% of these athletes face “serious financial hardships” after retirement. Retired basketball professionals suffer the same dismal financial consequences.  Almost 60% of NBA players face severe financial hardship after retirement.

Short career. The average career is only 4.5 years for football, basketball, and baseball players.

Lack of financial sophistication, making them vulnerable to scams and poor advice.

Overconfidence that their skill
in athletics will transfer to their investments.

Overspending on a glamorous

Being overgenerous with family, friends, and other members of their informal “team.”

Lack of financial planning,
budgeting, and goal setting.

Not anticipating severe health
issues – and expenses – mainly if they played in a high-contact sport.

Not investing consistent with
sound academic principles
because of either a lack of
knowledge or the perception
that it’s “boring.”

We understand the need to make the wealth earned by our professional athlete clients last after their brief careers are over.

This can mean a plan to live off those savings for 50 years or more. We invest the funds of our professional athlete clients following sound academic principles. We instill discipline in them by showing the consequences of profligate spending and poor investment choices.

We have another advantage in helping professional athletes avoid becoming grim statistics. We can relate to their experience of having little money and finding success. Helping professional athletes succeed after their careers have ended is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences we can have as financial advisors.

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