High Net Worth Individuals & Families

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Our financial plans

Our financial plans define your goals. We then set forth a plan to achieve them. Our financial planning services include the following:

Retirement savings and income planning

Review and analysis of retirement plans (401[k] and 403[b] plans), Social Security, and Medicare. Consideration of funding strategies for the educational needs of children and grandchildren.

Insurance planning

Review all insurance policies, including automobile, homeowners, disability, and life, for all family members.

Cash management

Review of cash flow, debt management, and budgeting.

Tax and estate planning

Estate plan review and coordination with estate planning counsel. Tax planning, to minimize or defer taxes where possible. We revisit your financial plan periodically to ensure you are on track. We adjust it when your situation changes.

Our wealth
management services

Wealth management means understanding your need to take risk and your tolerance for risk.

We do a comprehensive risk analysis for each client. We then focus on factors we can control and ignore those we can’t.

We can control the following

Your asset allocation (the division of your portfolio between stocks, bonds, and cash)

The expense ratios charged by the exchange-traded funds we recommend. We believe in low fees

We focus on tax-efficient investments and strategies that help mitigate your tax liability

We can’t control

The direction of the market

Interest rates

Tomorrow’s news

Idiosyncratic risk of any individual stock or bond

Our recommended portfolios are customized for each client.

We recommend alternative investments (like private equity, hedge funds, and real estate) where appropriate. These investments are not correlated to the stock market, providing additional diversification. They can act as a hedge against market and inflation risk.

We provide solutions for unique issues confronted by high net worth investors

Our high-net-worth clients confront unique, complex issues. We help resolve them. Many of our clients have
concentrated holdings in public or private companies. We help with sales and hedging strategies. Senior executives are often compensated with Employee Stock Purchase Plans or Restricted Stocks Units. We help them maximize the benefits of these investments while diversifying their risk.

We provide solutions for other unique concerns related to the following

  • Cybersecurity
  • Physical security
  • Verifying the authenticity of collectibles
  • Protecting collectibles
  • Insurance planning
  • Complex tax and investment planning
  • Protecting their assets from marital issues.

At Stevens Capital PartnersSM

Our services aren’t limited to traditional financial planning and
wealth management. We are your “partners” and a trusted resource for all your needs.

We listen. We strategize. We engage. We resolve issues.