Our Process

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Each client has different needs

We don’t impose the same process on everyone. Typically, our process involves three meetings:

Meeting No. 1: Explore

Learn about your past experiences and future goals

Learn about you and your priorities, and your finances

Explain our philosophy, cost structure, and service

Introduce team members

Ask us questions

Meeting No. 2: Evaluate

Gather all information and build out your customized financial plan

List all goals for your current situation and future needs

Discuss your risk tolerance and how that is included in your financial plan

Discuss future concerns around health and wellness

Develop the best plan for your unique situation

Meeting No. 3: Recommendations

You will receive your customized financial plan

We will explain the confidence zone

We will discuss how to implement a successful financial plan

Answer any questions

At Stevens Capital PartnersSM

Our services aren’t limited to traditional financial planning and
wealth management. We are your “partners” and a trusted resource for all your needs.

We listen. We strategize. We engage. We resolve issues.