Estate Planning

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There is no one-size fits all approach to estate planning

We help our clients create plans consistent with their values, goals, and needs so they can sleep well, knowing their family’s future is secure. Among the services we provide are the following:

We counsel

And assist you in creating an estate plan while you are alive that passes on your assets in accordance with your wishes after you die. A good estate plan also contemplates what might happen in the event of cognitive decline or other disabilities that could prevent you from managing your assets during your life.

We review

The beneficiaries designated in your various accounts and check them against the provisions of your estate planning documents.

We consider

The possibility that your death will leave your children without a guardian or caretaker and assess the unique requirements of caring for children with disabilities.

We work

With your estate planning professional to be sure your estate planning reduces or eliminates the need for expensive probate and considers the impact of estate taxes (federal and state).

We systematically

Review your estate plan and recommend changes as your situation may
require.  Major life events, like the death of a spouse, divorce, or remarriage, often require a significant revision of your estate plan.

For clients whose estate plans are simple, we offer a fee-based service to create, execute and fund an estate plan consistent with your needs.

At Stevens Capital PartnersSM

Our services aren’t limited to traditional financial planning and
wealth management. We are your “partners” and a trusted resource for all your needs.

We listen. We strategize. We engage. We resolve issues.

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