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Edge Magazine: David Stevens Discusses his RIA and Delighting Clients

We were honored to have our firm, Stevens Capital Partners,  featured in the June edition of Edge Magazine and invite you to read the full article on the publication’s website to learn more about the history of our firm, which started with our founder, David Stevens, starting his journey in the financial industry 20 years ago when he interviewed in borrowed clothes for a job in the mail room of a major financial institution.  Fast forward to June of 2023 and Stevens is now the founder of his own Registered Investment Advisor which provides comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services.  

Stevens Capital Partners, formerly known as Purposeful Wealth) is fee-only advisory firm that always acts a fiduciary and “partners” with clients on all aspects of their financial journey.  Based in Omaha, Nebraska, the firm has grown exponentially in size, even during difficult market conditions, in large part to the depth of the relationships they maintain with clients and their commitment to always putting clients’ interests first and exceeding client expectations through exceptional service.  Additionally, Stevens Capital Partners is dedicated to the community and pledges 10% of their net profits to charitable causes, which uniquely differentiates them in this industry.  

Read the article at Edge Magazine to learn more about our story and how we work with our clients.



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In The News

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