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Financial Planning: David Stevens on Building a Billion-Dollar Firm

David Stevens, Founder & Principal of Stevens Capital Partners, was recently featured in Financial Planning.  The article, written by Tobias Salinger, focuses on professional development and David’s dedication to driving growth in his business, himself, and others.

David founded Stevens Capital Partners (“SCP”), an Omaha-based investment advisory firm, in 2020 with approximately 100 clients and $100 million in assets under management.  Today, SCP has grown to 300 clients and $240 million in client assets and is on track to meet or exceed its goal of reaching $1 billion by 2026.  When launching his RIA in 2020, David was supported by his wife, Natalia, of 20 years, who joined as the firm’s operations director and is equally committed to SCP’s clients, growth, and continued success.  Having both started their careers at TD Ameritrade, they have a past history of working together and, most importantly, a shared vision for SCP’s future and unwavering dedication to their clients.

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We are proud of being featured in Financial Planning, a leading publication in our industry that empowers financial advisors and wealth managers with essential analysis and insights into the trends and ideas shaping their businesses. Financial Planning delivers unique content every day that connects leaders in person, in print, and online - every day.

In The News

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