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Natalia Stevens

Operations Director

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Natalia is an Operations professional with a journey spanning over 20 years, beginning at TD Ameritrade. Throughout her career, she has assumed diverse roles, showcasing her expertise and commitment to excellence. Presently, Natalia holds a pivotal role as Director of Operations at Stevens Capital PartnersSM.

Natalia is passionate about impact through outreach and community involvement and enjoys spending time with charities and foundations. She considers herself a value-based, strategic, and purpose-led leader. She has committed to the vision that Stevens Capital PartnersSM is a future-focused company that understands that we all succeed when we care for people.

Guided by her fervent dedication to community engagement, Natalia channels her passion into impactful outreach efforts. Her involvement with charities and foundations reflects her deep-rooted values and desire to make a meaningful difference. A strategic and purpose-driven leader, Natalia’s philosophy centers around the belief that caring for people leads to collective success—a vision closely aligned with Stevens Capital PartnersSM future-focused outlook.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Natalia finds joy in creative pursuits, enjoying music, literature, and writing. She enjoys the adventure of travel, complemented by outdoor activities shared with her family. Alongside her husband David, Natalia finds immense satisfaction from empowering individuals with the tools to create a thriving family and achieve their dreams.

Natalia’s journey is a testament to her commitment to impact, her leadership rooted in values, and her unwavering dedication to the betterment of both her community and the world at large.

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